Valentine’s Day Facts…

10_faktov_o_dne_svyatogo_valen-736543Valentine’s Day or February 14 is very popular in the world. Romantic dinners and even organize weddings. Also, to confess love with valentines. Further we suggest reading more interesting and surprising facts about Valentine’s Day or February 14th.

The Roman emperor Claudius II did not allow his soldiers to marry during the war, as he believed that love and marriage were in no way connected. According to the Golden Legend, a collection of Christian legends and the lives of saints, it was under Claudius II that Saint Valentine was executed.

In fact, there are several legends about St. Valentine. One says that he secretly married lovers, was caught and executed by order of the emperor. According to another, Valentine tried to help the Christians who were persecuted at that time escape from prison, was discovered and captured. Fell in love with the daughter of his jailer and wrote her the first Valentine, signing «Your Valentine». Be that as it may, Valentine was executed, and Pope Julius II ranked him among the saints, presumably on February 14th.

Red roses were the favorite colors of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. In general, each flower has its own meaning.In the Middle Ages, most people were illiterate, so when they had to sign a document, they simply put the X on witnesses and then kissed their “signature” as a sign of the sincerity of their decision. Among these documents were marriage certificates.

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